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With The Growing Population of Baby Boomers and The Elderly, Non-Surgical Relief Options Are The Number One Choice For Thousands!

Our focus is on:

Osteoarthritis of the knees and severe and chronic spine and disc pain.

As we look at the 100,000,000 people or so in the United States affected by osteoarthritis and back pain continue to grow so will the need for alternatives to surgery and side-effect laden medications that work. Every Osteorelief Institute is made of up board certified physicians and physical therapists who are all aligned to achieve one powerful result.

Your Pain Free Future!

We offer several cutting-edge combination of FDA approved and cleared techniques and treatments that are tracked and charted to measure progress and relief.

Our Techniques Include:

  • Advanced bio-mechanical bracing techniques
  • Non-Surgical spinal decompression
  • Videofluoroscopy (low dose motion x-ray)
  • All natural joint lubrication injections
  • “Non Grueling” spine and knee strengthening
  • Plus a full menu of other non-surgical options

Each patient treatment plan is as unique as the individual.

These advanced methods work towards helping you:

  • Restore normal bio-mechanics
  • Provide natural additional disc and knee cushioning to facilitate the healing process
  • Maintain healthy joint mobility and range of motion
  • Strengthening for lasting relief and comfort

Plus, the majority of our treatments are covered by most insurance companies – even Medicare!

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