Knee osteoarthritis is something that can cause people to miss out on all the good things in life, mostly what are enjoyed the most. There are different treatment options available for those who want to relieve their symptoms, each having unique results and effectiveness. Surgery is one route to take and we will discuss a bit about how it works.

There are different types of surgeries currently available. They can range from small incisions to total knee replacement. The severity of the Arthritis is what can determine if it is necessary, or if other less-invasive options would be better suited. Perhaps the most common type used is arthroscopic. The doctor will make an incision and cut away any loose cartilage. Once it is removed a synthetic material is inserted to cushion the joint. This is usually done as an outpatient procedure.

If the above is not successful then the next step would be to do a more in-depth surgery where the entire knee joint is removed and replaced with an artificial one. This is a more invasive type of treatment and a hospital stay is typically required.

At Osteo Relief Institute we will evaluate your condition and determine if we can treat your diagnosis without any replacement of your joint structures. The treatment works using natural ingredients to lubricate the joint. It may be combined with specific physical therapy exercises to strengthen the region. Learn more about our locations and request your information package today.