If you’ve ever started working out after a period of relative inactivity, you probably remember how stiff and sore you were for the first few days. You may even have been tempted to quit. After a few weeks of sticking with the program in spite of the aches and pains, chances are you felt better than you had in ages.

The same process is true of exercising when you have knee osteoarthritis. The first workouts will not be pleasant, especially if your joints have grown still due to lack of use. If you push through the pain and keep to the schedule you have set for yourself, much of your discomfort will should lessen. In fact, you may find that they actually feel better and experience relief when you stick with a regular activity program.

Exercising is especially beneficial for those with knee degenerative joint disease because it builds muscle around the joint and prevents it from becoming stiff and difficult to use. It’s always wise to consult with a doctor before starting a workout program because if you have a medical condition like arthritis or heart disease you will want to share it with them. They need this information to help learn as much as possible and increase the odds of a positive outcome.

Some of the high impact workouts, like jogging and skipping rope are likely to hurt the body region more than help. Instead, with the advice from the physician and physical therapist at Osteo Relief Institute, focus on low-impact workouts such as swimming or water aerobics. The water acts as a natural cushion. You can also try walking on soft surfaces such as carpet, grass, or dedicated area or building for this type of activity. Work to us elliptical trainers, cycling outside or on a stationary bike, and light weight training to strengthen the muscles, all excellent and positive choices.

If moving the lower extremeities is painful for you, start your program slowly – even a few minutes a day is better than nothing, gradually work up to a one-half to one hour program at least three times per week or what has been discussed with you at the medical center location.